Business Continuity Plan at Shepherd Kaplan LLC

Shepherd Kaplan LLC maintains a detailed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of an internal, or external, disaster. In the event of a disaster, Shepherd Kaplan will respond by safeguarding employees, firm property, books and records, making a financial and operational assessment, and quickly recovering and resuming operations, thus allowing our clients to transact business. In the event that our normal business operations are disrupted, clients will be notified, and will have prompt access to their accounts, as all of our custodians have several locations. If a disaster has occurred, and you are a Shepherd Kaplan client, you may contact Shepherd Kaplan in several ways:

  • Calling the main line at 617-896-1600
  • If you have a standard contact, all phones will be re-routed to the individuals’ cell phones