Investment Search and Monitoring Processes

Our investment search and monitoring process is designed to synthesize investment research into a concise and actionable format. Whether at the board level, or with individual investors, this information is presented in a manner that supports timely and efficient decisions surrounding investment instrument selection and/or replacement. The two components of this discipline are:

Investment Search-best practices

Initial and on-going assessments of all investment options follow a rigorous due-diligence process, which is built upon specific factors and benchmarks identified in the Investment Policy Statement for each client. Part of this analysis includes standard quantitative measures such as comparative performance, volatility, risk elements, portfolio concentration, costs, style consistency, and so on. In addition, certain qualitative measures, such as corporate governance, manager compensation, internal procedure and controls, and co-mingling issues are also considered.

From there our process focuses on identifying those attributes that are behaviorally significant and predictive in each segment of the market. We then provide an analytical study of the relevant statistics and behavior characteristics of investment instruments to identify the most appropriate options for our clients in each area of the market.

Investment Monitoring-best practices

We provide a disciplined and fully transparent process for systematically tracking and assessing all past investment decisions. This fiduciary level process is governed by the control procedures of each client's investment policy statement and presented in a context for timely evaluation.